This document details the key functionalities of the ValidClick Footerbar and offers instructions on how to implement it on your site.


The Footerbar shows ads based on three triggers.

1. Qualified Search: The Footerbar will show PPC ads when a user visits your site by parsing the referring url and identifying the inbound keyword from Yahoo, Google or Bing. Note that we only show these ads on the page view immediately after the search results page.

2. DSS: If you have a directory site and a user has navigated to a specific directory section, you can pass us a keyword and we’ll return ads based on that keyword. For example, if one of your users navigates to Electronics >> Digital Cameras, you can request ads for digital cameras.

3. Hotspots: Hotspots are keywords related to your site or a specific page’s content. We’ll display these keywords as hyperlinks in the Footerbar, and when a user clicks on one of those hyperlinks, we’ll load ads in an upslider.


There are two main steps to implementing the Footer bar:

1. The Master Script: This is a single static line of JavaScript that needs to be placed at the bottom of your page, directly below your custom footer bar tag, just above the </body> tag. This is your Master Script:

<script src=”” type=”text/javascript”></script>

2. The Footerbar Tag: This is the code that requests the Footer and allows you to make customizations. It looks like this:

<vc:footerbar affil=”youraffID” styleid=”yourstyleID” pubTerms=”yourkeyword,yourkeyword”/>

Be sure to place the master script directly beneath the footer bar tag on each page.

Your code will look like this, an Example ONLY:

<vc:footerbar affil=”12345” styleid=”exercisebikes” pubTerms=”Schwinn,FreeSprit”/><script src=””type=”text/javascript”></script></body>

You can also customize certain variables about the Footerbar implementation. Here is a list of the variables and how each is used. The only required variable is affil, which sets the affiliate id used by the Footerbar and will be used along with the parent page’s url to authenticate the ad feed request.


  • doPrefetch – Instructs the footer bar to begin retrieving ads for a keyword when the user leaves their cursor over a two step keyword for a certain time. This allows the ads to load faster than they would otherwise. See prefetchDelay for more information on the time period. The default is false.
  • dssKeyword – Defines a Directory Sponsored Search Keyword for use in the initial feed request.
  • displayOnMobile – When set to No, this attribute instructs the Footerbar to not display if the window width is smaller than 768. When set to Only, the Footerbar will be displayed only on screens smaller than 768. The default is to show on any size screen.
  • firstCloseTimeout – If a user clicks the Footerbar’s close button, the footerbar will not show itself on subsequent page loads for a number of hours specified by this parameter. The default is 1 hour.
  • prefetchDelay – Sets the time period, in milliseconds, used by doPrefetch. The default is 100.
  • pubTerms – A comma delimited list of keywords to be displayed in the two click mode of the Footerbar. It is suggested that 4 to 10 terms be entered, with the most relevant and important keywords at the front of the list.
  • scrollSpeed – Sets the delay, in milliseconds, that two step keywords will display before rotating to the second set of keywords. The default is 10000 milliseconds, or 10 seconds.
  • style – Sets the ValidClick id of the stylesheet to be applied to the Footerbar. This style is served by ValidClick and limited to adjusting the color palette.
  • thirdCloseTimeout – If a user clicks the Footerbar’s close button for a third time within this time period, the footerbar will not show itself on subsequent page loads for a number of hours specified by this parameter. The default is 168 hours (1 week).