PartnerLinks is designed to help you present contextually relevant hyperlinked keywords in a variety of formats and sizes to your users.

How PartnerLinks is implemented:

To get started with PartnerLinksyou need to place just one line of code. Place this code just above the </body> tag on your site.  It will look something like this:




For specific placement of ad units, you may create and send us the empty <divs> where you want the ad units to go on your page. This will help us place the ads exactly where you want them to show on your site.

<div id=”editorial”></div>
<div id=”keyword”></div>
<div id=”pencil”></div>

What happens next?:

Once you place our code our technology will begin to scan your pages. Once we’ve identified serving opportunities and approved your site you’ll begin to see PartnerLinksappear on your site.

Have any Questions?

We are here to help. Send us an email at and our team will get back to you.