Compliance Guidelines

What not to do with SearchLinks


This document summarizes a list of guidelines to maintain compliant implementations of SearchLinks. The guidelines are in addition to the requiements set forth in the Terms of Service.  Failure to abide by these guidelines or the Terms of Service may result in termination   Capitalized terms utilized herein but not defined herein have the meaning seter forth in the Terms of Service.


  • Publisher will implement all links and results as shown in the mockups or discussed with SearchLInks. If material changes are made to styles, Publisher must notify SearchLinks before going live with said changes. 

  • A Publisher’s Website domains must be approved in writing by SearchLinks before SearchLinks can be displayed on the domain.

  • Publisher will display required ad labeling or any labels, headings or notices provided by SearchLinks or required by law.  

  • Publisher will not cache SearchLinks results or keywords without written permission.

  • Publisher will display all content in the order provided by SearchLinks.

  • Publisher will not modify content supplied by SearchLinks without written permission. 

  • Publisher will not request results by any means provided specifically by Searchlinks. 

  • Publisher will implement any reasonable technical requirements requested by SearchLinks.  

  • Publisher acknowledges that Source Providers, may rely on compliance with these guidelines and the Agreement.  Source Providers shall be entitled to enforce the provisions of this Agreement with Publisher as they pertain to such content provider, as a third party beneficiary of such agreement.  The Publisher acknowledgement that such Source Providers may terminate Publisher's ability to receive their content on 24 hours notice, for any reason or no reason. 

  • The Publisher agrees that it will not assign any right to or syndicate the Supplied Content provided by SearchLinks without express permission from SearchLinks.

  • Abuse of Services.  Unless specifically approved by SearchLinks, Publisher will not authorize, permit, enable or engage in any of the following: 

    • Impressions or clicks generated by any automated or fraudulent means;

    • Impressions or clicks on results generated by misleading or incented means, including: (i) blind links (where users do not know that they will be performing a query or clicking on SearchLinks); (ii) requiring a user to view a page or click in order to receive some other benefit, obtain some other result or perform another function (such as leaving a webpage or closing a window); (iii) Publisher, its employees, contractors or agents clicking on the results except in the course of normal individual use; or (v) offering a user any inducement of any kind to search or click on SearchLinks;

    • Unauthorized implementations, including: (i) use, display, syndication, sublicensing or delivery of the links, results or Marks anywhere other than on Publisher’s Offerings; (ii) links placed on or Impressions from or after 404 or other error messages; (iii) Impressions from, or displays of results or links within pop-over or pop-under windows, in or through a downloadable application, or in or through an email; or (iv) using a software application that is downloaded to users’ computers to drive traffic to any website on which links or results appear unless the application has been formally approved by SearchLinks; 

    • Sending impressions masking the true user agent or IP address of a user; 

    • Display of anything (such as pop-up windows or expanding banners) that may obscure any portion of the links or the results or stripping, blocking, or filtering results by any means or in any way preventing or inhibiting the display of results in whole or in part; or

    • If Publisher violates any provision of these guidelines, SearchLinks may terminate its Agreement with Publisher immediately upon notice to Publisher.  

    • If Publisher generates any revenue while in violation of any requirement of these guidelines, SearchLinks reserves the right to exclude, or request back, such revenue from its calculation of any amounts owed to Publisher.